Simple Formulas. Luxury Ingredients. Powerful Results.

Up to 70 % of what we put on to our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Have you read the ingredients list in your beauty, bath and skin products lately? 

Disappointingly, even brands that claim to be all natural, sometimes are not, or include a lot of unnecessary ingredients that may be natural, but not necessarily good for our bodies. 

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and we have to be conscious of what goes in and on to it.

I believe beauty is simple and that the best results from from nature. 

I believe radiant skin is possible for everyone, regardless of your skin type or what kinds of results you have experienced in the past.

Blueprint Botanicals products are formulated with as few ingredients as possible. 

ALL ingredients are 100% all natural, food grade, and in most cases, 100% organic. Every ingredient has a purpose.

All natural + simple is best, babes. Your skin will thank you.