I believe in powerful women. Badass babes who show up every day and share their authenticity with the world.

I believe that when our bodies feel good, we feel good.

And when we feel good, we go out there, do boss things and support each other. 

.... and we need more of that.

So, I believe that pampering ourselves is a necessary luxury- one that is easy to overlook in our busy & demanding lives.

Which is why I want to help make it part of our every day lives. for us to make self care a ritual, and to weave it into the routines we already have.

Blueprint Botanicals is about helping badass women take care of our bodies and feel good, so that we can show up every day as our best selves and do boss shit.

My products use 100% all-natural, good for you, happiness-inducing ingredients - and not too many of them. Because I believe beauty is simple. 

And above all else, Blueprint Botanicals is my passion project.  THANK YOU for letting me share it with you.