The Blueprint Box

Self care- made fresh to order, totally customized, and delivered monthly to your door! Make it easier to choose you. 

Choosing ourselves is sometimes easier said than done. It is easy to feel pulled in a million different directions, and too often it becomes us that takes the back seat. We can be quick to prioritize everyone and everything but ourselves, which can lead to burnout, exhaustion, and a general feeling of unworthiness that can trickle into every area of our lives. 

But - when we make the very important, and necessary, decision to choose ourselves first - every single area of our life flows. 

These products are meant to help us prioritize feeling good in our bodies. Every single day. Because when we feel good in our bodies, and truly recognize the goddess queens we already are, it is easier to show up as our best selves.  

And when we are the best versions of ourselves - everyone in our life (including us!) benefits. And we have important work to do in this world!  Which is why my mission is to make feeling good in our bodies, and choosing ourselves first, a non-negotiable part of our every day rituals.  

The Blueprint Box is meant to make choosing ourselves as easy and luxurious as possible. All products are made in small batches, using the highest quality organic all natural ingredients, and are formulated to ignite and nourish our inner glow.  

Whether you prefer a special Curated box each month, or would rather choose your own products with the Custom box, it is my intention that you use this experience to unapologetically choose yourself and to decide you are worthy of putting yourself first. Right now, exactly as you are.