BATH SOAK | eucalyptus

BATH SOAK | eucalyptus

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Eucalyptus is a powerful decongestant, and its' invigorating aroma promotes mental clarity, deep breathing, and an overall uplifting experience. Combined with healing dead sea salt, this blend will soothe sore muscles and help energize your mind and body.


Organic Dead Sea Salt  [soothes skin, relaxes muscles, calms nerves, detoxifies, relieves muscle cramps, deeply hydrates, reduces redness, enhances skins natural barrier, provides relief from pain, fatigue, stiffness, anxiety and insomnia]

Eucalyptus Essential Oil [uplifts, energizes, relieves mental exhaustion, facilitates easy breathing, revitalizes skin, rejuvenates tired muscles, relieves anxiety, boosts circulation, enhances feelings of relaxation, soothes skin]

How to use:  

Pour into running water, light a candle, soak.

comes in reusable 8 oz glass jar