BATH SOAK | french lavender

BATH SOAK | french lavender

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Regular use of lavender is a game changer. It is the ultimate powerhouse for healing, relaxation and calmness, and can help reduce stress, promote restful sleep, and soothe skin. French Lavender Bath Soak is best used any time you need to create a stress-free, relaxing environment to clear your mind and relax your body. 


Organic Dead Sea Salt  [soothes skin, relaxes muscles, calms nerves, detoxifies, relieves muscle cramps, deeply hydrates, reduces redness, enhances skins natural barrier, provides relief from pain, fatigue, stiffness, anxiety and insomnia]

Lavender Essential Oil [promotes calmness, reduces stress and anxiety, cleanses and soothes skin, promotes restful sleep, enhances feelings of relaxation, relieves tension]

How to use:  

pour into running water, light a candle, soak.

comes in reusable 8 oz glass jar




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