FACE STEAM | floral blend

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A botanical and floral facial steam formulated to heal and purify your skin, this steam will open and clear pores, provide deep hydration and improve circulation, leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and nourished. This experience is an indulgence your skin will thank you for, and feels like a real treat. 


Organic Hibiscus [ firms and lifts skin, helps control acne, provides deep hydration, evens and brightens skin tone, breaks down dead skin cells, improves complexion ]

Organic Calendula [anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, soothes and heals dry skin, rich in antioxidants, brightens, regenerates, reduces appearance of scars, promotes happiness ]

Organic Chamomile [ soothes, evens complexion, heals minor skin wounds, balances and tones, relieves inflammatory skin conditions, fights acne, soothes sensitive skin,  eases puffiness, promotes calmness ]

Organic Lavender [ promotes calmness, reduces stress and anxiety, cleanses and soothes skin, promotes restful sleep, enhances feelings of relaxation, relieves tension, general cure-all ]

Organic Rose Petals [ calms and soothes, helps ease PMS symptoms, increase libido, boosts confidence, combats depression, fades stretch marks and scars ]

Organic Witch Hazel Bark [ tightens skin, locks in moisture, prevents and treats acne, reduces inflammation, reduces redness, evens complexion, tones and balances skin, speeds up healing of scars, cleanses, soothes ]

How to use:  

Pour a little into a bowl large enough to fit around your face. Boil some water (or use a tea kettle) and after it cools for a minute, pour over the botanicals in the bowl and watch them bloom and steep. Use a towel to tent your face around / over the bowl. Steam in the magical goodness for 5-10 minutes. For an extra treat, use the floral water to mix with your clay mask. 

comes in reusable 8 oz glass jar

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