BATH SOAK | vanilla + coconut

BATH SOAK | vanilla + coconut

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Vanilla & Coconut Bath Soak is warm, tropical and inviting. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Dead Sea Salt combined with the decadent aroma of vanilla and coconut make for an extra luxurious treat. 



Organic Dead Sea Salt + Pink Himalayan Sea Salt [sooth skin, relax muscles, calm nerves, detoxify, relieve muscle cramps, deeply hydrate, reduce redness, enhance skins natural barrier, provide relief from pain, fatigue, stiffness, anxiety and insomnia, soften skin]

Vanilla Essential Oill + Coconut Extract [tropical aroma, rich in antioxidants, reduce anxiety, relax body and mind, combat PMS symptoms, promote restful sleep, enhance libido, sooth inflammation, smooth skin]

How to Use:  

Pour into running water, light a candle, soak.

comes in reusable 8 oz glass jar