BODY BUTTER | moroccan rose

BODY BUTTER | moroccan rose

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Soft, silky and packed full of nutrients, this whipped butter melts into your skin effortlessly and leaves your skin feeling soft & hydrated all day. This is the creamiest of the body butters and has an intoxicating aroma of moroccan rose and coconut. 


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil  [ hydrates, softens, soothes, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, quickly absorbed, anti oxidant, reduces redness, promotes glow, decadent aroma]

Pure Mango Butter [ rich in antioxidants, softens skin, tightens and firms, deeply moisturizes, contains powerful vitamins A & E, easily absorbed ] 

Organic Unrefined Shea Butter [ nourishes, moisturizes, deeply penetrates skin, promotes glow, tightens and firms ]

Organic Unrefined Kokum Butter [ prevents dryness, regenerates skin cells, softens, increase elasticity, deeply nourishes and moisturizes ]

Organic Sweet Almond Oil [ reduces appearance of scars, softens and reconditions skin, rich in proteins, soothes rough skin, light and quick to absorb ]

Organic Arrowroot Powder [ provides soft and silky feel, helps the body butter quick to absorb quickly and prevent greasy feeling on skin ]

Moroccan Rose Absolute Essential Oil [ exquisite aroma, encourages feelings of happiness, calms and soothes, helps ease PMS symptoms, increase libido, boosts confidence, combats depression, fades stretch marks and scars ]

How to use:  

Massage a quarter sized amount into damp skin, until mostly absorbed. Let the butter absorb for 5 minutes before getting dressed. Suitable for all areas of body. Applying once will keep your skin moisturized all day, and a little goes a long way. Quickest to absorb when skin is damp but can also be used on dry skin. 

comes in reusable 2 oz glass jar

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