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BODY MIST | worthy

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Formulated with magical healing Amethyst, Palo Santo, and Lavender, this body mist is designed to leave you feeling WORTHY. Meant for use after a shower or bath, this mist can be used anywhere, and any time for a refreshing, powerful reminder of our inherent worthiness. 

Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone, known to increase feelings of nobility and spiritual awareness, promote inner peace and healing, and relieve stress and anxieties. 

Palo Santo is a sacred, holy wood found in South America used for its powerful healing and cleansing power. It can be used to brighten and uplift energy, reduce stress and anxiety, deepen your connection to your intuition, remove bad energy, set an intention, etc. (Read more about Palo Santo here)


Amethyst Crystals [ calming, serene, attracts positive energy, enhances spiritual awareness, peaceful, balancig, healing, alleviates sadness and fear ] 

Palo Santo Essential Oil  [ cleansing, promotes self worth, powerful healer, deepens connection with spirit, removes bad energy ]

Lavender Essential Oil  [promotes calmness, reduces stress and anxiety, cleanses and soothes skin, promotes restful sleep, enhances feelings of relaxation, relieves tension]

Distilled Water

How to use:  

Mist on body after shower, or use as aroma spray any time. Follow with Body Butter or Body Oil. 

comes in reusable 2 oz glass bottle


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