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Joy Clay Mask is a purifying blend of nutrient rich French green clay, powerful organic calendula flowers and healing Citrine. The clay absorbs and removes impurities while the calendula flowers soothe and hydrate, leaving behind healthy and glowing skin. Citrine, also known as the "joy maker"  is used to promote joy, happiness and brighten spirits - combined with the subtle orange infused jojoba oil, this mask is a detoxifying and joyful experience that will leave you feeling fresher and brighter!


French Green Clay  [ detoxifies, draws out impurities, cleanses, gently exfoliates, clarifies, evens skin tone, rejuvenates skin, tightens pores, rich in minerals, deeply nourishes, increases circulation ]

Organic Calendula [anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, soothes and heals dry skin, rich in antioxidants, brightens, regenerates, reduces appearance of scars, promotes happiness ]

Healing Citrine [ promotes joy, happiness, positivity, brightness, lifs spirits ]

Organic Orange Infused Jojoba Oil [ hydrates, subtle orange aroma, promotes happiness, increased joy, uplifts, soothes ] 

How to use:  

Mix 1-2 scoopfuls of clay in a small dish. Slowly add a tiny bit of water and mix with brush until a creamy paste forms. 

Brush evenly onto face. Let dry somewhat  (about 5 minutes). It's important to NOT let dry all the way or could leave your face red + splotchy. Use warm or cool water to wet a soft washcloth and lay it flat on your face for 30 seconds to soften the clay. Wipe with damp cloth, rinsing as needed, until fully removed, being careful to not scrape the clay across your skin. Pat dry with dry cloth. Follow with Face Refresh and Face Serum. 

*A little redness after a clay mask is completely normal, and will resolve on its own. 

comes in reusable 2 oz glass jar and wooden spoon




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