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Face Refresh is the ultimate indulgence and the perfect opportunity to take a moment to refresh your face, mind and spirit.  Delicate aromas from organic plant hydrosols combined with the powerful astringent properties in witch hazel and healing properties of Aloe Vera Gel deeply hydrate and refresh tired skin. This product includes a powerhouse of benefits for our skin, and your face will feel instantly softer and more hydrated after use. This is a great product to use prior to Face Serum, after a Face Mask, as a makeup setter, toner, and anytime throughout the day when you need a little pick me up. 

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This gorgeous potion contains organic witch hazel that has been infusing in organic hibiscus + lemon balm, then triple filtered and mixed with organic lavender and eucalyptus hydrosols and organic thick aloe leaf gel to provide the ultimate refreshing and skin softening experience. This was topped off with an uplifting citrus essential oil blend and some vitamin e oil - truly California summer in a bottle. 

Make sure you keep this out of the direct sun if possible, and for an extra refreshing treat, store it in the fridge. Make sure to shake well before use, as the essential oils will sit at the top. Some people experience sensitivity to citrus essential oils, so please make sure to test it before use. Also make sure to avoid your eyes. 


To use:  

Face Refresh works great as a toner, makeup setter, and general refresh all day. To use as a toner, spray directly on face (or on cotton ball) prior to using Face Serum. Spritz again after applying makeup. Spritz anytime throughout the day for instant refresh and hydration. 


comes in reusable 2 oz glass bottle


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