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Rosewater Face Refresh is the ultimate indulgence  A delicate aroma of rose combined with the powerful astringent properties in witch hazel deeply hydrate and refresh tired skin. Rosewater is a powerhouse of benefits for our skin, and your face will feel instantly softer and more hydrated after use. 

See here for recommended uses and skin care tips. 


Organic Rose Hydrosol [ reduces redness, prevents and treats acne, soothes, evens complexion, deeply hydrates, balances and tones, reduces puffiness, refreshes tired skin ]

Organic Aloe Vera Juice [ prevents and treats acne, deeply hydrates, reduces appearance of scars, tightens skin, rejuvenates, balances and tones ]

Witch Hazel [ tightens skin, locks in moisture, prevents and treats acne, reduces inflammation, reduces redness, evens complexion, tones and balances skin, speeds up healing of scars, cleanses, soothes ]

How to use:  

Face Refresh works great as a toner, makeup setter, and general refresh all day. To use as a toner, spray directly on face (or on cotton ball) prior to using Face Serum. Spritz again after applying makeup. Spritz anytime throughout the day for instant refresh and hydration. 

comes in reusable 2 oz glass bottle


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