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Be Brilliant Face Serum is a game changer. This pure serum was formulated for dry-normal skin types, is quick to absorb and contains a luxurious blend of nourishing and beautifying oils that will leave your skin feeling brighter, smoother and more radiant. Designed to soothe, hydrate, soften, cleanse and nourish skin, this serum speaks for itself, and helps you glow from the inside out. Although formulated for face, this serum is also great as a scalp treatment, hair serum (use on ends), dry areas on body, and more. 

All our Face Serums are suitable for acne-prone skin.  See here for recommended uses and skin care tips. 


Organic Calendula Oil  [ anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, soothes and heals dry skin, rich in antioxidants, brightens, regenerates, reduces appearance of scars ]

Organic Argan Oil [ gently tones, eliminates dullness, promotes luster, prevents and treats acne, has glowing effect on skin ] 

Organic Jojoba Oil [ balances, prevents irritation, protects and cleanses skin, anti-septic, keeps pores clean, soothes fine lines, reduces redness, removes excess oil, helps prevent breakouts, encourages long-lasting hydration ]

Organic Avocado Oil [ deeply moisturizes, prevents and treats acne, replenishes and hydrates skin, improves elasticity, smooths skin,  deeply penetrates, kills off dead skin cells, removes excess oil that clogs pores, helps heal scars, promotes brightness ]

Organic Sweet Almond Oil [ reduces appearance of scars, softens and reconditions skin, reduces dark circles, brightens, soothes, renews skin cells, clears complexion, contains vitamins E, A, and B ]

Organic Liquid Coconut Oil [ softens, reduces rashes, prevents and reduces acne, deeply hydrates, cleanses, removes dirt from pores, anti oxidant ] 

How to use:  

Massage a few drops on to cleansed and toned face and neck. Use 2x/day or as needed for extra hydration. A little goes a long way.
If you are hesitant to use oil as a moisturizer, first use at  night before bed and wake up to glowing, healthy skin. 

comes in reusable 2 oz glass bottle



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