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Goddess Body Oil is the ultimate decadent treat. A gentle moisturizer that is lightweight, quick to absorb and is packed full of nutrients for your skin.  Formulated with a beautiful blend of oils and rose petals with a convenient spray top, the Goddess Body Oil is designed to ignite and illuminate your inner goddess, and elevate your every day experience so you can be the most boss version of yourself. The aroma is completely intoxicating and the rose petals help soften and hydrate skin, leaving you feeling glowy (but not greasy) all day. This is the perfect every day body moisturizer.

Available in 2 oz glass bottle with fine mist spray top, or 8 oz glass bottle with easy pump top. 


Organic Liquid Coconut Oil [ hydrates, softens, soothes, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, quickly absorbs, anti oxidant, reduces redness, promotes glow, decadent aroma]

Organic Hazelnut Oil [ high in Vitamin E, nourishes, softens, hydrates, improves skin elasticity, reduces appearance of scars, moisturizes, balances, rejuvenates]

Essential Oil - Your Choice

How to use:  

Spray onto damp or dry skin, massaging in as needed. Allow 3-5 minutes to fully absorb before getting dressed. 

comes in reusable 2 oz glass bottle with spray top or 8 oz glass bottle with pump top


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