// The FALL RELEASE Box //  limited edition

// The FALL RELEASE Box // limited edition

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Treat yourself to the entire Fall Release for a true spa experience.  

It is truly magical!

The FALL RELEASE box includes everything you see pictured:

FACE STEAM | floral (8 oz)
a botanical and floral facial steam formulated to heal and purify your skin. this steam will open and clear pores, provide deep hydration and improve circulation, leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and nourished.
hibiscus. calendula. chamomile. lavender. rose. witch hazel. 

CLAY MASK | cranberry (2 oz)
packed full of antioxidants, this mask is designed to soothe, soften, and rejuvenate tired skin. perfect for most skin types, this mask will gently exfoliate, leaving skin feeling smooth, fresh and bright. a touch of moroccan rose elevates this to the next level by creating a soothing, spa like experience.
french pink clay. cranberry powder. moroccan rose oil.

FACE REFRESH | rosewater (2 oz)
a delicate aroma of rose combined with the powerful astringent properties in witch hazel deeply hydrate and refresh tired skin. rosewater is a powerhouse of benefits for our skin, and your face will feel instantly softer and more hydrated after use. 
rose hydrosol. witch hazel. aloe vera juice. 

FACE BUTTER | earl grey (1 oz)
a nourishing and hydrating blend designed to smooth, soften, and deeply hydrate skin without being greasy, this velvety-soft face butter is really special. earl grey is full of vitamins and antioxidants, and the subtle natural aroma of bergamot combined with added lavender blend together perfectly and make for a perfect pick-me-up, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy. 
earl grey infused coconut + argan oils. aloe vera gel. local beeswax. lavender essential oil. 

LIP POLISH + OIL |  chai + coconut (1 oz, 0.25 oz)
the perfect lip duo for fall! the combination of lip polish + lip oil is really next level. the polish is a gentle exfoliating blend designed to remove dead skin and deeply hydrate, leaving your lips feeling plump and butter-soft. finishing with the lip oil locks in the moisture, and you'll be wanting to feel how soft your lips are all day! the chai flavor really shines through and if you eat the polish (because it's SO good) - it's totally okay because it's all food grade and organic. 
lip oil: chai-infused coconut oil. lip polish: chai-infused coconut oil, organic raw cane sugar. 

BODY POLISH | cappuccino (4 oz)
an invigorating blend of organic butters and oils designed to gently exfoliate and lock in moisture, this will remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated. a two part design, the bottom is a blend of organic coffee grounds + organic raw cane sugar, while the top is a silky smooth whipped sugar + hazelnut oil with a touch of mica for added glow. the aromas of vanilla and coffee are subtle yet uplifting and  provide an instant boost of happiness. 
organic mango butter. organic shea butter. organic virgin coconut oil. organic kokum butter. organic hazelnut oil. local coffee grounds. organic raw cane sugar. vanilla essential oil. mica. 

BODY OIL | goddess (2 oz)
a beautiful blend of oils and rose petals with a convenient spray top, the goddess body oil is designed to ignite and illuminate your inner goddess, and elevate your every day experience so you can be the most boss version of yourself. the aroma is completely intoxicating and the rose petals help soften and hydrate skin, leaving you feeling glowy (but not greasy) all day. this is the perfect every day body moisturizer.
(pictured without label, but will have label upon purchase) 
organic hazelnut oil. organic coconut oil. rose petals. vanilla essential oil.


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