"I've been using Blueprint Botanicals for over 2 and a half years, and I can say with utter confidence that it has changed my life. I have never used products like this before, and they've only gotten better over time. I used to wear makeup to make my skin look better but now with Ashley's products, I regularly don't wear any makeup because my skin has been TRANSFORMED. Ashley is also the queen of customer care and service. From her prompt communication to handwritten notes and the fact that you can actually FEEL the love and care she puts into her products. I will be a Blueprint Babe for life because honestly I can't imagine putting anything else on my skin. Here's to support a total badass babe and taking care of my skin with natural amazing products."

Ann Marie

"The face serum is literally changing my skin. I'm so happy about it. I wish I had taken a before photo. I had no idea it would actually make a visible difference. Nothing ever has. I cried when it was gone. My skin used to be really dull and now I have my glow back."


"My clean skincare journey has led me to BB and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Blueprint Botanicals is affordable and THE best I have tried. The face serum makes my skin feel and look very healthy. I haven’t really worn makeup since I started using these products and I’m loving it! My skin is clear and hydrated. I always thought I had super sensitive skin but now that I’m using products where I know every single ingredient that is being absorbed by my skin I rarely have irritation/breakouts. These products are so versatile. I use the face butter for a lip balm if I need a little more hydration and the serum works as a great makeup remover too. Now I can keep 3-4 products around and that’s all I need for healthy skin. I love being able to support a business that is this transparent with the process and ingredients. The community that surrounds Blueprint Botanicals is something you won’t find anywhere else." 


"The face serum is a staple in my daily routine. I mix a few drops of this with my moisturizer to give my skin extra hydration and a little extra “glow from within”. I also like to use it for just my under eyes in the summer when there is more moisture in the air! This is just a great product that is really good for all around use. The Goddess Body Oil - can we start off with how it looks? The rose petals in it make the bottle a countertop accessory! Aside from looks, the smell and feel are luxurious. I feel like I’m slapping $100 + body oil on my skin, and it helps keep my skin hydrated for DAYS! This is my go-to most of the winter! Not only do I feel like a new woman when I spray the Face Refresh all over my face but it’s good for my skin too! The face mist is a must have for me everyday. I use it before I apply my makeup and after to “set” my makeup. I am a customer for life, nearly every part of my daily routine (skincare and makeup) is Blueprint Botanicals!"


This was hands down one of my favorite finds of the year. Everything in my box was SO good. Lots of lavender (which is my favorite and I asked for), the besttt smelling goddess oil, and Im obsessed with the everything spray for my sheets every night. Thank you for all the love and care you put into your products!


"I have had the cleanest, clearest and most glowing skin since I started using Blueprint 3 years ago. But this is so much more than just amazing skincare. These products, and Ashley’s message truly make you feel special. They remind you to take care of yourself, they remind you that you’re special, and they encourage you to be YOU. I love feeling confident not only in myself, but in the natural products I’m using and putting on my skin. Not only do I feel like my skin is glowing alllll the time, but I literally feel like these products light my soul on fire too!! Ashley’s products and message are so important, and I can’t thank her enough for blessing us with the EXPERIENCE of Blueprint!" 


Thank You